Our Experienced Sales Team is ready to provide our products and services in markets ranging from Cryotherapy to Launch Complex Facilities. Whatever your application, we are prepared to offer our expert direction and assistance.

Cryogenic Alternative Fuels (LNG & LH2)

In terms of energy sources, cryogenics may be the way of the future. In the search for alternative fuels, our customers come to us for cryogenic Vacuum Insulated Piping (VIP), extended fill lines, trailers hoses, transfer lines, and larger bore VIP. CryoWorks piping and components are used for bulk storage, fuel stations, and offloading.

Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) 

LH2 – With the continual demand for green energy fuels to reduce CO2 emissions, customers rely on CryoWorks for their LH2 (Liquid Hydrogen) application needs. CryoWorks provides safe and reliable equipment for the challenging transfer and storage of LH2. Our piping and components are used along the entire supply chain including liquefaction, bulk storage, fueling, and offloading.


Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

LNG – With the increasing demand for Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), customers have come to rely on CryoWorks for their LNG Vacuum Insulated and Containment Piping needs. CryoWorks provides reliable equipment and service in the transferring of LNG that is both efficient and cost effective. Our piping and components are used along the entire supply chain including liquefaction, bulk storage, fuel stations, and bunkering.

Space / Rocket Launch

CryoWorks has provided vacuum insulated piping for some of the largest launch complexes in the USA. We have an engineering staff with a broad knowledge and experience in specific cleaning and code requirements for LOX, LH2, and LNG (Ex. ASME B31.3, B31.12, NFPA 59A, etc.), and a fabrication shop with large bore piping manufacturing capabilities to design and build safe and efficient Ground Support Equipment. After all, it’s just rocket science.

Aerospace / Defense

CryoWorks specializes in designing complex piping systems for cryogenic liquids used in aerospace and defense facilities. We serve major aerospace companies throughout the United States, and we are proud to be the “go-to” supplier for this critical application. For these types of customers, we provide field design, detailed layouts and drawings, fabrication and delivery of the Vacuum Insulated Piping (VIP), and the field service and installation. Let our team provide you with a system that delivers consistent, high-quality liquid to your environmental test chambers, cold plates, and thermal vacuum chambers.

Electronics / Semiconductor

For electronic and semiconductor production, we can address your cryogenic piping system needs. CryoWorks has worked with major companies that test semiconductor and electronic devices for applications in automotive, computers, and flight hardware. Typically for these systems, we supply the equipment connections for LN2 cold plates, SEM / MEMS, gas purifiers, test-in-strip handlers, and environmental temperature test chambers.

Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)

This application requires an uninterrupted supply of high-quality LN2. Our experienced sales team supplies Vacuum Insulated Piping (VIP) and reliable phase separators to support this application. MBE’s are used to manufacture semiconductor devices which require an ultra-high vacuum environment. To achieve this, the MBE’s cryopanel is cryogenically cooled using LN2 to capture impurities. This makes the LN2 supply equipment a vital part of the ultra-high vacuum process.

Industrial Gas Plants / Air Separation Units (ASU)

For Industrial Gas Plants and Air Separation Units, CryoWorks provides Vacuum Insulated Piping (VIP) for the safe and efficient transfer of cryogenic fluids for the storage and separation of atmospheric air into various liquified gases.

Environmental Test Chambers

For these highly specialized test chambers, CryoWorks provides vacuum insulated valve manifolds for OEM chamber manufacturers and end customer chamber upgrades. Our valve manifolds can be supplied with custom flow characteristics explicitly tailored for your low-temperature environmental test chambers as well as Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) chambers.

Cryobiology / Preservation / Life Sciences / BioMedical / Healthcare

CryoWorks is proud to support many applications for biotech, life sciences, research, and pharmaceuticals. For these applications CryoWorks offers vacuum insulated piping (VIP), flex hoses, oxygen monitoring, emergency shut-off, alarms, and one-fill / all-fill controls. Reliable and efficient turn-key systems are provided at LN2 connections for cryo-freezers and cold rate freezers for biological storage and repositories; storage for cord blood, human tissue, stem cell, and bone marrow.

Universities / Research

Cryogenics have a significant role in expanding our understanding of the world around us. That’s why we at CryoWorks proudly support universities and research initiatives. For these applications, we typically provide piping to cryostats, cryocoolers, superconducting magnets, refrigerators, MBE’s, Environmental Test Chambers, and RF components.

Beverage / Container

Our expertise in cryogenic piping systems is often applied to the beverage and container industry. Typical equipment connections for this application include cryogenic dosing equipment for pressurization of non-carbonated cans and bottling lines. For Inerting applications dosing is used to avoid oxidation in wine and edible oils (fats and foods with a high oil or fat content).

Cryogenic Processing

These processes involve the cryogenic treatment of materials using our equipment to improve the quality and increase the lifespan of metal products.


Cryogenic liquids have made their debut as a form of therapy, also known as cold therapy, and we at CryoWorks are proud to serve this growing industry. CryoWorks is familiar with all major manufacturers and can make connections to cryosaunas, cryo-chambers, and other cryotherapy machines.

Deflashing / Deburring / CryoMilling

Customers use cryogenics to deflash their injection molded, extrusion molded, and compression molded parts. Cryogenics is also used for the cryo-milling industry where they grind a variety of materials down to make feedstock for 3D printing or powder metallurgy.

Food Freezing / Tunnels / Dosing Equipment / Mixers

At CryoWorks, we supply vacuum insulated piping (VIP), microbulk tanks, flex hoses and oxygen monitors with equipment connections for food freezing, mixers, spiral freezers, tunnel freezers, batch freezers, and chilling equipment. Liquid nitrogen is the new fad among ice cream shops. That’s why we at CryoWorks are prepared to meet the growing demands of ice cream fans everywhere. And it’s not just for ice cream; there are many food-related applications we are proud to serve.

Entertainment Special Effects

Believe it or not, cryogenic liquids have a role on stage. For entertainment and special effects, we can supply customized cryogenic piping systems. Typical equipment connections include LN2 foggers and cannons, dry foggers, and burst effects. We have supplied piping systems for some of the most exciting shows from Hollywood to Las Vegas.

New Emerging Market 

Don’t see your Industry listed? Contact us! There are always new evolving markets on the rise. With their arrival, CryoWorks is prepared to offer customized services to address the requirements of these new evolving industries.
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