Keepfull Vent Device

Get an uninterrupted, instantaneous supply of liquid with a CryoWorks Keepfull Vent Device. Properly designed systems will incorporate Keepfulls at all system highpoints. CryoWorks Keepfull Vent Device has an internal mechanical float that drops to allow accumulated gas to vent. Once all of the gas vents, the float rises to seal off the vent orifice. This simple design requires no field adjustments, no sensors, no pneumatics, and no electronics.

Need “Liquid on Demand”?

Important Note: Route and terminate all keepfull vents to a safe location. Vented nitrogen gas in a closed area can create an oxygen-deficient atmosphere.

  • Install Keepfull Vent Devices at all system highpoints
  • Slope piping up to each keepfull
  • Properly size your VIP lines for the required flow rate
  • Ensure all piping, valves & connections are vacuum insulated to minimize heat gain

Vent Heater

Install a CryoWorks Vent Heater on the gas vent outlet of a CryoWorks Keepfull Vent Device. The general purpose for the Vent Heater is for outdoor venting or ventline termination in a large enclosed area with proper air exchange. Our heater provides an ice-free termination, minimizing safety hazards such as falling ice, water drips, large ice accumulation, and roof damage. The protective outer mesh shields personnel from the high-temperature heater located at the vent.

Ambient Ventline Heater (AVH)

The CryoWorks Ambient Ventline Heater (AVH) is specifically designed to eliminate the need for insulation on system ventline piping. The AVH warms the keepfull discharge gases to nearly ambient temperature which eliminates safety hazards as well as saves you time and money on ventline installation and material. The female bayonet on the AVH mounts directly to the outlet of the CryoWorks Keepfull Vent Device.

  • Frost-free warmed discharge gas.
  • Eliminates safety hazards such as falling objects, slips, trips and falls, and electrical hazards associated with ice buildup or moisture dripping from cold ventlines.
  • Eliminates mold growth or T-bar ceiling damage associated with moisture or ice from cold ventlines.