Dewar Fill / Switchers

CryoWorks offers a comprehensive range of Dewar Fill Stations designed to enhance efficiency and deliver key benefits to your business. Our Dewar Fill Stations include both Manual and Automatic options, providing flexibility to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer filling from a piping system or bulk tank, our stations can accommodate your specific application requirements!

Significant Labor Efficiencies: Our automated systems utilize advanced cryogenic sensors and control valves to accurately detect and stop the LN2 filling process once the container is full. With our streamlined design, you can eliminate multiple steps and re-calibration, saving time and maximizing productivity. By freeing up your employees to focus on other important tasks, our solutions offer significant labor efficiencies.

Employee Safety: At CryoWorks, employee safety is our top priority. Our Dewar Fill Stations are (or can be) equipped with essential safety features, including a max fill shut-off timer, vent safety interlock, and security key switch. By incorporating these measures, we reduce risks and provide peace of mind for your team, ensuring a safer work environment.

Experience the benefits of increased labor efficiencies and employee safety with CryoWorks’ optimized Dewar Fill Stations. Choose our reliable solutions to eliminate wasted labor, create a safer work environment, and enhance overall operational effectiveness. Contact our Technical Sales Team today to get started!