Vacuum Insulated Pipe (VIP)

Vacuum Insulated Pipe (VIP)

Vacuum Insulated Pipe (VIP) is the preferred method for transporting cryogenic liquids and is unmatched in safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Whether for storage, transfer, or final use purposes, vacuum-insulated piping is your most efficient option.

Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you through the entire process. We are here to meet your needs no matter what’s required, from:

  • Troubleshooting your system
  • Engineering assistance
  • Field dimensioning or layout
  • Project management
  • System integration
  • Installation
  • Consultation
  • System Audits
  • Turn-key systems

CryoWorks offers many types of vacuum insulated piping systems. From our stocked prefabricated VIP assemblies, modular designed systems, flexible piping systems (static or dynamic vacuum) to our more complex engineered to order VIP piping systems.

Working Fluids:

  • Liquid Nitrogen – LN2, LIN
  • Liquid Hydrogen – LH2
  • Liquid Natural Gas – LNG
  • Liquid Oxygen – LOX, LO2
  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide – LCO2
  • Liquid Argon – LAr
  • Liquid Helium – LHe
  • Liquid Neon – LNe

Rigid Vacuum Insulated Pipe (RVIP)

CryoWorks uses stainless steel inner and outer rigid pipe in the manufacturing of our Rigid VIP Systems. The piping consists of a factory-fabricated inner line and outer jacket. The inner line carries the cryogenic fluid while a vacuum space between the inner and outer pipe provides insulation that minimizes heat transfer and boil-off gas (BOG). The vacuum annular space consists of a multi-layer superinsulation, internal gettering material, and High Vacuum.

Vacuum Insulated Pipe 1

Standard sizes of our Rigid VIP Systems include ½” to 16” NPS with either internal or external expansion joints. Typical VIP end connections include bayonets, welded field joints (vacuum or foam insulated), flanges, pipe threads, flared fittings, and custom ends. Additionally, we can provide integrated flex sections added for system offsets, thermal expansion, expansion loops, flexibility, and use-point transitions.

  • Approximately 50 times more effective than conventional foam insulation in preventing heat gain to the inner line and nearly 200 times more effective than bare copper lines.
  • Extremely long-lasting and impervious to UV degradation
  • Minimize space required for routing
  • Minimize cool down losses
  • Minimize FOD (Foreign Object Debris)

Flexible Vacuum Insulated Pipe (FVIP)

CryoWorks Flexible VIP is a vacuum insulated, all stainless steel, flexible pipe. Each section is factory evacuated and sealed, eliminating the need for any on-site vacuum pumps. Flexible VIP is modular in construction and available in standard sizes from ½” and up. CryoWorks offers a complete line of components such as KeepFull Vent Devices, Phase Separators, and Gas Traps to maximize the system performance.

Flexible Vacuum Insulated Pipe 1
  • Modular design, highly reusable, facilitates future expansions
  • Flexibility simplifies installations (above drop tile ceilings and below raised test floors)
  • Shipping is less expensive as the assemblies are coiled in small wooden crates
  • Need something quick – we stock reels of raw flex hose material. Call us, and we’ll make it happen!

Vacuum Insulated Pipe Connections

There are many options when it comes to connections for Vacuum Insulated Piping Systems. The most popular and most efficient options are vacuum insulated field can joints and bayonet connections (also known as a Johnston Couplings). Other options include foam or armaflex insulated connections that utilize field welded joints, pipe flanges, Grayloc flanges, threaded joints, and various other cryogenic rated connections. These connections must be placed strategically to allow for transportation and installation at your facility.

Bayonet Connection

A bayonet connection consists of a male and female connector that can easily be installed without any field welding or unique training. The tight fitting male and female bayonet design provides a long heat path from the outer jacket to the inner pipe This creates a low heat leak connection. CryoWorks offers close tolerance fit bayonets as well as dissimilar metal tip bayonet types. Our bayonet connections also have a low profile flange to simplify installation allowing pipes to slide through hangers and supports easily. This low profile also decreases core hole diameters and required sealant.