CryoWorks Project Management

Project Management

Put your project in trusted hands. Our entire sales and engineering team are well versed and prepared to assist each of your needs. So when you give us a call, you will be greeted with knowledgeable representatives. You will be informed of each step in your project, the technicalities of what is taking place, and taught how to move forward. No matter the size or complexity of your project, from start to finish, we’ve got it covered. Whether you are an end-user, the installation contractor, or the gas supplier, we can manage your project.

For the Direct Buyer:

Simply give us a call, and we’ll take it from there. We will visit your site, assess your needs, take measurements and design a system that is right for you. No matter your requirements nor the size of your project, we can discern what you need and execute the design.

For the Designer:

Looking for assistance on a design? For all of your inquiries, both large and small, we are here for your support. Come to us with your questions and for an expert design consultation.

What you can expect from CryoWorks is a diversified team to manage all project phases from design to project close-out.

  • Pre-bid Assistance
    • Source of Cryogenic Know-how
    • Conceptual Design
    • System Audits
    • Budget Analysis
    • Code, Design, & Safety Considerations
  • Onsite Design & Engineering Support
  • Quote/Sketch/Customer Required Documentation
  • Project Coordination
    • Drawing Submittals
    • Scheduling
    • Fabrication
    • Installation
    • Subcontracted Services
    • System Startup
    • Ongoing Customer Support
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