VIP Connections

VIP Connections

There are many options when it comes to connections for Vacuum Insulated Piping Systems. The most popular and most efficient options are vacuum insulated field can joints and bayonet connections (also known as a Johnston Couplings). Other options include foam or armaflex insulated connections that utilize field welded joints, pipe flanges, Grayloc flanges, threaded joints, and various other cryogenic rated connections. These connections must be placed strategically to allow for transportation and installation at your facility.

Bayonet Connections

A bayonet connection consists of a male and female connector that can easily be installed without any field welding or unique training. The tight fitting male and female bayonet design provides a long heat path from the outer jacket to the inner pipe This creates a low heat leak connection. CryoWorks offers close tolerance fit bayonets as well as dissimilar metal tip bayonet types. Our bayonet connections also have a low profile flange to simplify installation allowing pipes to slide through hangers and supports easily. This low profile also decreases core hole diameters and required sealant.

Common System Adders

Vacuum Insulated Pipe is often referred to as Vacuum Jacketed Piping (VJP), Static Vacuum Insulated Piping (SVIP), Dynamic Vacuum Insulated Piping (DVIP), or Flexible Vacuum Insulated Piping (FVIP). However you say it, we’ve got you covered.

Here at CryoWorks, we make things happen – all tailored to your project specifications, needs, and budget.

  • Approximately 50 times more effective than conventional foam insulation in preventing heat gain to the inner line and nearly 200 times more effective than bare copper lines.
  • Extremely long-lasting and impervious to UV degradation
  • Can use CryoWorks bayonets for ease of installation
  • Minimize space required for routing
  • Minimize cool down losses
  • Minimize FOD (Foreign Object Debris)
  • Eliminate CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)

Vacuum Insulated Field Can Joint

A vacuum insulated field can joint is a welded assembly that utilizes a jacket field can to create a continuous vacuum jacket along the connection of two factory-sealed vacuum insulated piping sections. Vacuum insulated field can joints provide a low heat-leak transition between the outer jacket and the inner pipe. Once the inner process pipe is welded and inspected, the exposed inner line is wrapped with super-insulation, gettering is installed, and the field can slides into place. The field can is then welded on the ends and pumped down to a high-vacuum level to ensure minimal heat leak.

Typically, vacuum insulated field joints are used in place of bayonet connections when the pressure ratings of the piping system exceed that of standard bayonet connections as well as in larger bore piping systems when bayonets are not available. CryoWorks can also accommodate vacuum insulated field can joints at tees, elbows, and valves. Installation should be completed by CryoWorks technicians or certified welders trained in cryogenic and vacuum installations.