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About Us

Tim and Donna Mast pursued their entrepreneurial dreams with CryoWorks in 2009. They began with their desire to take control of product quality and company culture. And since then, they’ve excelled in serving customers of all sorts with their knowledgeable staff and exceptional designs. Each individual of the CryoWorks family is proud to take part in the sales, design, engineering, and installation of cryogenic piping systems. And as such, our team is eager to meet your needs and answer your questions.

CryoWorks continues to provide companies, large and small, with dependable customer service and top-notch products, all with that family-oriented culture.

Our Mission

To “Make It Happen, Make It Easy, Make It Fun” so that all customers, vendors, employees, and their families, value their relationship with CryoWorks as much as we value them.

Our Values

  • Genuine Care and Concern
  • Helpfulness
  • Integrity
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About Donna & Tim Mast


About Tim Mast Jr

President and CEO

About Nick Theiss, P.E.- CA

VP of Development

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Sales and Marketing Manager

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Technical Sales Representative

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Technical Sales Representative

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Technical Sales Engineer

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Technical Sales Representative

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Technical Sales Engineer

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Assistant Sales Engineer

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Install Service Manager

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Project Manager

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Project Engineer

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Quality Manager and Documentation Control

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Purchasing Manager

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Manager of Operations

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Information Technology Administrator

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Production and Safety Coordinator

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Corporate Accountant

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Order Entry & Customer Service Specialist

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Engineering Manager

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HR and Payroll Coordinator

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Bakeout Supervisor

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Marketing Specialist