Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies & Expansion Joints

CryoWorks provides flexible metal hose assemblies and expansion joints for the cryogenic industry as well as many other industries.

Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies

CryoWorks fabricates all flexible metal hose assemblies in house, and we stock large quantities of the flex hose styles and the standard end connections listed below. This allows us to provide quick turnaround times with most orders being shipped in less than three business days. We strive to provide the highest quality flexible metal hose assemblies whether the application is a low-pressure water hose or an extreme pressure rocket fuel hose. Every hose assembly is leak checked to ensure a long service life. From engineering to fabrication, we have an experienced team ready to support your flexible metal hose requirements.

  • ¼” ID to 18” ID Flex
  • No Braid, Single-Braid, & Multi-Braid Hose
  • Standard and Extra Flexible Hose
  • Spiral Armor
  • Abrasion-Resistant Sleeve (Ballistic Nylon)
  • Spark-Resistant Sleeve (500°F Operating Temp.)
  • End Fittings:
    • NPT – Nominal Pipe Thread
    • Flare (SAE 45° / JIC 37° / Dual 37°/45° Machined)
    • Sanitary
    • Pipe Flanges (Weld Neck / Slip-On / Lap-Joint)
    • Tube Ends
    • CGA & Specialty Gas

Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints are designed to absorb system movement due to thermal expansion and contraction, seismic loads, equipment vibrations, and flow-induced vibrations. CryoWorks can engineer and fabricate the most effective solution for any application. Expansion Joint design, fabrication, and testing will conform to EJMA standards and ASME codes. CryoWorks can also perform stress analysis of expansion joints and entire systems with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), 3D CAD modeling software, and piping stress analysis software. We also have the ability to Vacuum Insulate any type of expansion joint design to ensure the most thermally efficient piping system.

  • ¼” ID and Larger Bellows Expansion Joints
  • Single and Multi Ply Bellows
  • Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints
  • Elbow Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints
  • Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints
  • Universal Expansion Joints
  • Tied Universal Expansion Joints
  • Dual Expansion Joints
  • Hinged Expansion Joints
  • Gimbal Expansion Joints
  • Flow Liners for Reduced Noise and Vibration
  • Shrouds and Covers for Protection
  • Tie Rods and Limit Rods for Controlled Movement