Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hose

Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hose

CryoWorks Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hoses are lightweight, extremely flexible, and thermally-efficient. They provide faster, more consistent liquid delivery with a safe to touch jacket.

Standard Hose Details
  • Temperature Rating: -452°F (-269°C / 4 K)
  • Pressure Rating: Low Pres. 150 PSIG (10.34 Bar), High Pres. 500 PSIG (34.47 Bar)
  • Material: 321 SST Hose & 304 SST Braid and Fittings
  • CryoWorks maintains a large inventory for immediate shipment.
  • Hoses are available in standard or custom lengths.
  • Use CryoWorks Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hose part number sheet for quick ordering.
  • Vacuum Insulation reduces hazards associated with moisture and ice-build up that are often problems with non-insulated or foam-insulated piping and hoses.
  • Safely handle your cryogenic fluids with a transfer hose jacket that is warm to the touch and remains flexible during fluid transfer.
  • Transfer hose material is designed for strenuous conditions.
  • Maneuver around tight spaces with our extremely flexible corrugated hose design.
  • Get better liquid performance. Each hose vacuum space includes Super-Insulation (Multilayer Insulation, MLI) that keeps thermal heat loss to a minimum.
  • Chemical gettering is installed within the vacuum jacket to maintain long term high vacuum levels. Each hose assembly is baked (heated) and helium leak tested, with a no-leak indication, to 1×10-9 std. cc/sec.

Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hose Options

  • Pressures up to 2,000 PSIG (138 Bar)
  • Temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C / 922 K)
  • Spiral SST Armour cover
  • Contact CryoWorks for large quantity, non-stocked, or custom hose pricing. OEM and pricing available.
  • Laser-etched part numbers or tags.
  • Integrated safety relief valve ports
  • Oxygen cleaning
  • Customizations are available with bayonet ends, valves, elbows, and tees.

Common Uses

  • From portable dewar and drop valve locations to equipment
  • For moving or vibrating equipment
  • Where liquid quality and improved flow is a must
  • Facilitates connections to cold plates, environmental test chambers, cryo storage freezers, ice cream dosing, and cryotherapy saunas

Related Accessories or Add-Ons

Safety relief valve assemblies, dewar t-handles, cryogenic valves, solenoids, dead-man switches, keepfulls, change-over stations, auto-fill assemblies, and phase separators (brass diffusers).
Vacuum Insulated Transfer Hose