The CryoSpotlight shines on Kevin Zelaya!

The CryoSpotlight shines on Kevin Zelaya!

Kevin Zelaya was no stranger to CryoWorks when he joined as a full-time employee at the start of 2022. During his time at California Baptist University (CBU), he was a part of the formula SAE group when he heard about CryoWorks. “When I came to tour CryoWorks, I noticed how the mission of CryoWorks really is lived – all employees that I met that day enjoyed what they did because CryoWorks valued their relationship, unlike any other job culture I had seen”. Soon after his visit, he applied for an internship role and joined the Design Team, which he was a part of for two consecutive summers. After graduating, he decided to come onboard as our Research and Development engineer and hasn’t looked back since! These days, Kevin oversees new product development, technical reviews, and aspires in the next 10 years to further his career at CryoWorks!

Outside of work, Kevin enjoys all things Formula 1 and country music! He likes line dancing and hopes to go on another solo trip to the South – ready to Carpe Diem!

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