Elevate Mechanical Contracting with CryoWorks: Your VIP in Vacuum Insulated Piping

Within the realm of efficient and safe transfer of cryogenic fluids, Vacuum Insulated Piping (VIP) is essential. Collaboration between cryogenic experts and mechanical contractors is crucial to the success of such projects. CryoWorks is a trusted partner for mechanical contractors to ensure projects are executed to the highest standards and completed on time for various industries, including Clean Energy (Hydrogen), Aerospace, Lab Construction, Research, and Universities. 

What you can expect as a Mechanical Contractor partnering with CryoWorks is: 

Expert Engineering and Design

At the start of an initial inquiry, CryoWorks begins working with contractors to gather information about specific project requirements. During this initial phase, the contractor and CryoWorks collaborate to review and assess:  

  • Onsite startup/commissioning assistance
  • Project Specifications and Potential Constraints 
  • Industry standards and regulatory guidelines for cryogenic systems 
  • System Feasibility and Cost-Effective Approaches 
  • Detailed installation drawings

Through extensive collaboration and a thorough review of critical elements, you can ensure the meticulous design of the system to meet the project’s objectives.  

Quality by Design – ISO 9001:2015 Certified 

After the system’s design is approved and transitions into manufacturing, CryoWorks’ ISO 9001:2015 quality system helps ensure the final product meets our strict product standards, backed up by testing to meet code requirements. Our in-house CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) ensures every spool meets project and code requirements for Radiography, Liquid Penetrant, Visual Inspections, and pressure and Helium mass spec leak testing. When the system is ready to be installed, it’s safe, fully functional, and reliable! 

Ongoing Support and Collaboration

Collaboration continues after the project’s completion! CryoWorks remains committed to providing ongoing support to mechanical contractors and their teams, whether supplying spare parts or addressing any technical questions that may arise during the system’s lifetime. 

CryoWorks’ partnership with Mechanical Contractors is the cornerstone of successful projects incorporating Vacuum Insulated Piping (VIP). With a shared commitment to safety, efficiency, and excellence, CryoWorks and mechanical contractors continue to drive successful VIP systems across the cryogenic industry, empowering various applications, including aerospace, energy, research, pharma, and industrial sectors. 

Partner with CryoWorks

So when it’s time to start looking at Vacuum Insulated Piping, select your Very Important Partner, CryoWorks!