CryoWorks shines our CryoSpotlight on Dylan Dudley!

CryoWorks shines our CryoSpotlight on Dylan Dudley!

Joining CryoWorks as part of the CryoCleaning team with his mom, Dyana, he quickly realized that CryoWorks was more than family, it was a foundation for the start of his career. With his mantra as “Just try your hardest, and be honest”, Dylan moved on to the Quality Control team and worked his way to his current role as a Design Drafter on the CAD Design Team. As he continues to grow with CryoWorks, he hopes to continue to do so for at least the next 10 years!

Outside of work, Dylan spends his time playing music and videogames. He picked up his first guitar 8 years ago and has not let it go since then. When he’s not playing with strings, he enjoys spending time at home surrounded by the ones he loves, his family!

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