CryoWorks, Inc celebrates one year anniversary at new facility!

CryoWorks, Inc celebrates our one year anniversary at new site!  The fabrication facility is located at 3309 Grapevine Street, Jurupa Valley, CA 91752, Phone: (951) 360-0920, Website: cryoworks.net.

The facility was occupied in May 2014 and is managed by Timothy and Donna Mast.  Mr. Mast has 26 years of experience in the design, engineering, sales, project management and manufacturing of vacuum jacketed cryogenic piping systems.   As part of this second expansion, CryoWorks was fortunate to add welders that each bring along 20 plus years of experience. 

“By having this new larger facility with approximately 18,500 SF we are better able to serve our customers with benefits of quick lead times and low shipping costs. The goal of CryoWorks is to give our customers the best service and components at competitive prices.  This facility will allow us to continue in meeting that goal,” states Timothy Mast, Vice President / Co-Owner of CryoWorks, Inc. 

About CryoWorks, Inc.

Founded in 2009, CryoWorks is a family owned (small business) and operated company specializing in design, sales, installation and service for cryogenic piping systems.  As the cryogenic company of choice, our customers turn to us for a wide range of products such as bayonets, valves, flex hoses, static vacuum, dynamic vacuum, rigid, flexible and/or hybrid cryogenic piping systems.

CryoWorks provides a wide range of new and used products for storage, distribution and end user applications.  Diversified market includes food & beverage, semiconductor, electronics, aerospace/defense, entertainment, gas suppliers, solar, research & development, medical/pharmaceu威而鋼 tical and automotive.