CryoSpotlight: Brittanie Evans, Corporate Accountant

Our CryoSpotlight shines on our Corporate Accountant, Brittanie Evans!

Since joining CryoWorks in 2019, Brittanie has played a crucial role in our accounting operations, ranging from sales tax compliance to accounts payable. A fun fact is that Tami Sipos introduced Brittanie to CryoWorks, and she’s been with us ever since! Brittanie’s dream for CryoWorks is that in the next 10 years – we’ll be in Mars; Remaining true to be the CryoWorks she knows as “Exciting, Hardworking, and Family”!

With her personal motto as “Live it up – life is short”, Brittanie enjoys making the most out of her time by spending time with her kids, going to the beach, dancing, and swimming!

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